All About Pikas

Please dont be embarrased if you dont know what pikas are.
Most people dont know them. That is because pikas genearlly live in remote places
reachable by hiking or horeseback. On top of that pikas are shy.
You will find out about the pikas in the pages below and in tunnels to other pika sites.
Welcome to the happy group of people around the wourld who know about the pikas.

Pika Info

  1. What are Pikas?
  2. Where Do Pikas Live?
  3. What Do Pikas do?
  4. Pika Photo Gallery!
  5. Who studies and protects pikas.


What are Pikas?

Where Do Pikas Live?

What Do Pikas do?

Relative and nieghbors of pikas

How to look for pikas.

Pika Photo Gallery!

Pikas around the world!

Who studies and protects pikas.


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